Our mission for 6 years

To assist companies with our advising activities in cyber security matters and discover the best technological treasures across the world for them.

Innovation and agility are the main components of our DNA.

These are the basis for our offer, a different one
ranging from sharp technologies to advising offers
 100 per cent adapted to your needs.



We are conducting intensive international efforts for 6 years in order to find the most efficient technological solutions for our customers, and with the purpose of anticipating new threats.

Nowadays we are well implanted in the startup’s microcosm of cybersecurity in Europe, of course, but also in Israel and in the United States.

Our catalog is made of sharp solutions financially and technically tested.

These solutions are chosen for their effectiveness and sold exclusively in the French territories and Portuguese ones.

In case of very specific needs, we also offer our customers exclusive researches, or then the design of customized solutions.

These last ones can be done internally, either within a specialized cell or be completely delegated.

Advisory & TechnologY  

Give place to novelty

AGILE Consulting

Advising is our first job and passion is always present in our missions.

We are pragmatic, we understand the business and we know quite well the context of customers (regulatory, legal, and so on...).


Impregnated of agile methods, we have chosen to adapt our approaches and methodologies to better meet the challenges of cybersecurity.

We propose to assist you with flexibility, pro-activity and value creation. 

As far as technical expertise is concerned, we are experts in cyber security with certifications 360° ranging from cyber program management to Pen tests.

We can help you in organizational matters, technical ones, we follow the RSSI in their global strategy for the prevention of cyber risks, or on more specific matters related to the elaboration of the response to incidents, or even in regulatory subjects like the DPGR.

To constantly develop our expertise, to cultivate the difference, and to find a response that matches each problematic are the major sources of development for us.

Do you have a problem? We find the most suitable solution and we integrate it considering every specificity of your context. 

We have made the choice of getting out of the classical scheme of integration. 

We only integrate new technological solutions giving larger perspectives as well as more flexibility.

They have been financially and technically tested and respond perfectly to certain identified needs that were poorly cared of until then.

We know business environments and regulations quite well.

We pay attention to the client context and to the legal framework in order to present the most suitable solution with the best management.


We warrant a high level of expertise on technologies, rules, standards and projects framing.



A new kind of


We have chosen Lisbon to operate our managed services offer.

In addition, being a city turned to innovation, we have found technical profiles highly qualified there.


Reduce your risks at lower costs and let us care for the full management of your security projects.

Red team:
Our experts permanently test your defenses and provide you with solutions to reduce your vulnerabilities.

Phishing awareness:

A completely new    research designed with technological support and advising from partners, proposed by programs ranging from 1 to 3 years.



Endpoint Security Monitoring:

Our SOC analysts continuously supervise your park in order to detect abnormal behaviors and threats in the best terms. 

Among our


Security Monitoring

Focus on Phishing

Phishing is considered one of the “easiest” attacks, and yet it remains among those who cause more damages, often because this subject is only treated with the use of technology.

Only the combination of methods and technologies added to human factors allows a total efficiency on the subject.

Kaizen Advisory offers you a customized response, oriented to users, at the international scale, aiming a multi-language and multi-cultural operation.

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Kaizen Advisory Recruits!

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If you want to develop your expertise while contributing personally to the evolution of the company,


If you have the taste for well done work and share our values,


If you are looking for more than a professional experience, for the chance of a real development,

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